What are you looking for in your career?

  • A way to rid yourself of dependency on insurance?
  • Work that doesn't leave you dreading the next day?
  • Freedom from meaningless paperwork?
  • Exploring new and creative ways of helping?
  • Working with energized people driving toward change, not in a crisis?
  • More evenings and weekends with family and friends?
  • Ending the cancellation/no show income drain?
  • Fewer work hours to support yourself and family?

What would it be worth to make these changes happen next year? If you want to make it happen then you might want to consider our coaching class for behavioral health experts. It helps professionals take the steps to create and implement changes to reach their goals. 

Coaching Class for 2019 Open now!

At HSC we have been coaching professionals in the behavioral health field to develop contracts and consulting services for more than a decade. In 2017, through the use of on-line tools, we expanded that service beyond the local market and our personal contacts.  In 2019, we will be adding a new class of 3 professionals to coach.

What is it?

The coaching class is designed for professionals who want to add contracting to their professional careers within 6-18 months. This coaching is offered only to behavioral health professionals whose business goals are a good fit with our expertise. Students will be involved in one-on-one coaching and will benefit from the resources Dr. Miller has designed to lead them step-by-step through the development of their contracting product--including setting up their business, developing products and services, developing their rates, marketing and managing their contracts.


 Interested professionals indicate their interest via email and, if their interests align with our expertise, they will go through an remote interview with Bryan to determine the fit for the coaching services. If selected, the professional will be included in that year's class. If not selected, Bryan we will assist the professional in finding appropriate venues for finding a good fit for their goals.

Successful applicants will be enrolled in a process of determining their business goals, structures, products and receive support to develop their contracting services. We utilize a task manager (Trello) to keep professionals on task and moving forward to increase the probability of success. Class size is limited stringently to enable good coach-professional engagement.

Individuals applicants will be notified of their status upon completing the interview process. Professionals not accepted into the current class, may if they wish, be considered for the next class starting in or before 2020. 

To Apply

If interested, email Bryan, include why you are interested, what you hope to achieve, and when you would like to start (2019 or later). Applicants beyond 2019 will be put on a waiting list until the selection process begins.  The 2019 class will be closed as of November 1st, 2018.

Successful applicants will be licensed behavioral health professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience, clear business goals, and availability that fits within the HSC structure.  


Application is not a guarantee of consideration. HSC reserves the right to determine the "goodness of fit" of the applicant for the services-based on our experience, expertise, and interests--and applicants will be considered on a "first come, first served" basis.