At HSC, we want to find the right fit for your specific situation. This is why our process includes an initial screening of each project.

When you contact HSC you will find we operate on three basic principles

1. Integrity. Our goal is to help. If the free consultation meeting is all you need then you won't get any pressure or sales pitch. If your needs are outside of HSC's expertise we will refer you to other services. But we'll also tell you if we think you do need help then you can decide what to do next.

2. Value. The goal for consulting should always be to leave client's will less need for consulting than before we started . . . not to create a dependency on the consultants. We hope to help you meet your goals not "move the target" and create dependency.

3. Support. Initiatives that are not sustained ultimately create resistance to further growth. We work to engage and support leaders until permanent changes can be sustained.

Our goal is to tailor-fit solutions to your specific situation.  This, we believe is the most ethical, economical. value-driven approach to help organizations grow . . . and no longer have the same need for consulting! 

How do we do this? (Watch our You Tube video) Our consultants use a systematic analysis of your team or organization through  a rigorous process to identify your specific needs and guide management recommendations and implementation of action plans.  This organizational behavioral analysis identifies and assists in improving organizations where there are issues on an individual, group, or whole-system level.

HSC consultants have a high degree of training and experience with assessing people and their social behaviors.  We also utilize the best research methodology to achieve a high probability of success in understanding your unique situation and find the right actions to move your organization forward.. 

Not sure you even need a consultant but do need some ideas on your specific situation?  Contact us. We'll talk over your situation and help you generate some ideas on how to address it. There is no cost, no obligation  . . . and never a sales pitch!

Or maybe you have already decided to hire a consultant, If you want to talk over your situation and see if HSC is a good fit, contact us.

We look forward to helping in what ever way we can!