Give Us a "Shout-Out!"  And help us test our new Voice Messaging system.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 6.41.40 AM.png

We are beta testing* a new way to connect. Using a product called SpeakPipe, we now are able to let you ask a quick question or tell us something you would like us to talk about, by recording it! As we introduce it, the messages are limited in length . . . about 90 seconds. As readers begin to use the service we may "generalize" its use throughout the website and may be expand the recording length as needed.

So, be the first to help us test this . . . go ahead, ask that question! Tell us what you like, don't like, or something you'd like to see. We want to know! Just click on the link below and record a way!

*Since this is in testing mode, we can;t guarantee we will get your message.  Please use our contact form or email us at if you have any problems. This will help us iron out any issues for other users as well.  Thanks!