Our insignia!

Our insignia!

Just a quick note. We completed our Christian Leadership Conference over the weekend and are busy packing for the AAMFT Conference. 

To our Leadership Conference attendees:

The bombs all . . . well some . . . got defused! Thanks again for making Saturday a great day! We will be asking for your "take-aways." reminding you to complete your conference surveys, and asking for your help in planning our future events. Maybe we'll follow up on the "Bomb Defusal" communication exercises we did in the afternoon--developing even more complex communication and problem-solving skills. Or maybe we'll do something new.. There are a number of other exciting group activities that can be done to develop skills for teams of trainees or employees.

Our AAMFT conference Institute

In two days, we'll be in Atlanta delivering an institute on Working with Organizations. This day-ling intensive workshop at the AAMFT conference will help professionals learn how to develop contracts to serve people in organizations. Contracting can lower overhead costs, reduce paperwork and insurance dependency, and free professionals to do new, interesting, and creative work. 

Next year . . . and 2018

We are also working on our schedule for next year and beyond. Annually we provide coaching to a few professionals and conduct training on contracting and consulting. Currently, we are scheduling of 2018.

Missing out?

We do have free resources available on several topics for subscribers--dealing with difficult employees, private practice through contracting (below), and leading a family business--or you can purchase these and other inexpensive resources through our store.  Of course you can also just continue to follow our blog as always.