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Join us on September 7th, for a social event to help expand the presence of Prairie Family Business Association in Nebraska. As a trained family therapist and former professor, I have known about the "special status" of family businesses for a long time.

As a clinician, I heard the heartbreaking stories of poor succession decisions, estranged family members and broken dreams. As an educator, I taught my students about the risks and rewards that can be unique to family firms.

So, as President of a family business, I went looking for associations that would be good to connect with for the sake of our venture. What I found was PFBA. So we joined and attended our first conference earlier this summer . . . and it was great! 

What impressed was that the mix of attendees included many different generations of business owners. We sat with first generation and seventh generation family members. The content of the conference also was geared to appeal to all generations but with a specific emphasis on supporting the healthy transition to the younger generations.

The organizations allows for the mix of providers of services ans the family business members themselves. Some family business associations do not allow this mix--treating providers perhaps as predator rather than ally?--which is problematic for organizations like ours that is a family business but also providers services to family businesses.

Family businesses in Nebraska--and much of the midwest--in my experience do not have access tot the lunch-and-learn, retreats, or resources of a local association. So, I began to talk to PFBA about expanding into Nebraska. They had already been planning for this and now we all have an opportunity to get in on the "ground floor" and make this a strong resource for Nebraska families.

I hope you'll join us!

Not sure? Check out the PFBA and the resources it provides.

Ready to act? Register for the social. It's free, of course, and you will get a good overview of what PFBA does and how it can help.

Still not ready? Or maybe you want even more? Get a free copy of our eBook, Family Legacy: Protecting family in family business.