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"How did this happen?" One of our blog readers from Colorado--and an old college buddy--reached out earlier this spring and shared how he had benefitted as a bank President from getting leadership training. He particularly benefitted from some of the training on crucial conversations and emotional intelligence.

A blog post we had written made him think that Christian leaders--of all types, not just clergy--could benefit from training like he had received. "I think you should do it" he told us, "and partner with Heartlands to put it on--I'd come," be challenged.

Well, I don't like not meeting challenges . . . if I think they would benefit people.

Since we work as consultants with leaders in many different kinds of organizations, we certainly didn't argue that their was a need for better training for leaders. We face this in a lot of our work with senior leaders who often have moved into their positions due to technical skills and good work ethics but not necessarily due to their "people skills." We provide these leaders with advice, resources and coaching to help them develop these skills.

We also agreed that the christian community probably lags in training on these skills and could benefit from training not just focused on ministry leadership.

So, we launched in. Heartlands Church was a willing partner. We reached out to David, a colleague who not only models good leadership but is a scholar and engaging teacher, to talk about a Christian paradigm for leaders. We began to prepare to help attendees learn about emotional Intelligence and to explore activities that could track some real skills to attendees. We met with Jim, the lead minister who enthusiastically "signed on" to help us provide a venue for the conference. We connected with other leadership advisors to have resources to let attendees talk about their specific challenges if they choose to do so at the end of the conference.

We also spent time talking about how to make the information useful, memorable, and fun. We are very excited about one of our activities (which we have done in a team building setting before) that will have attendees working to defuse "bombs" and learning about the role of communication and teamwork in solving problems. It is an activity that Brings home a number of the lessons that need to be learned to lead well.

 Here is our Bomb Defusal Squad insignia!

Here is our Bomb Defusal Squad insignia!


Finally, more than anything else, we want this conference to be an opportunity to network, bringing together Christian leaders--who often operate in isolation--to benefit from getting to know one another, find connections and partners, to provide and get support and encouragement to enable the best leadership possible among their teams.

We hope you'll join us!

Now, about the give-aways.

Here's the bottom line. We need your help. We need help spreading the word about the conference. As a small enterprise, we don't have anything like a marketing team or a marketing budget. So, we hope that you will help us share this opportunity with your friends and contacts.  If you do, and comment on it here, then you will be eligible to enter our first give-away for a Starbucks Gift Card.  (Enter the Rafflecopter-powered give away below.)

If you are interested in leadership, you can pre-register and be entered in our contest for a free book give-away. We are giving away Patrick Lencioni's new book The Ideal Team Player, a wonderful resource that helps leaders understand the critical values needed in employees (and themselves as leaders) to have a dynamic team.  Those who pre-register will also get a discount on the conference. Students also get a "student rate."

Need more information?  By clicking the pre-registering link you can also see the agenda for the conference and get more information.

So, we hope you can enter our give-aways and help make this an event available to help leaders advance their knowledge and skills. In doing this, you will not only help the leaders but those that they lead.

Oh by the way, in case you were wondering . . . "Yes, you can enter both contests."

Thank you for helping us support Christian leaders, and potential leaders, in the Midwest.

After sharing about the conference, enter the contest for the Gift Card below!


September Update!

Steve T. from Texas won our Starbucks Git Card.

Chris R. from Nebraska won The Ideal Team Player.

Thanks to everyone for sharing, commenting, and registering!

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