Aaron Burden on Unsplach

Aaron Burden on Unsplach

September . . . Winners . . . Family Business . . . and Conferences!

Well it's September . . . my favorite month . . . and we have a lot going on here at HSC.

Besides our ongoing consulting work with clients, we also have several "one-time" events coming up. They include . . .

September 7th: The Prairie Family Business Association is holding a Member and Prospective Member Social in Omaha. HSC will be there! You can also check out the article about HSC, and interview with my brother and me on their website.

September 30th: We continue to register people for our Christian Leadership Conference for September 39th.

We have winners! People who shared about our conference, or registered early, were eligible to win one, or both, of our two give-aways. Steve T. from Texas won our Starbucks Gift Card and Chris R. from Nebraska will receive our give-away of Patrick Lencioni's book, The Ideal Team Player. Congrats to both!

October 5th: Bryan is conducting  a day-long Institute, Beyond the Couch: Using MFT Skills with Organizations. He will be training Marriage and Family Therapists to work with organizations, at the annual AAMFT conference, in Atlanta.

October 29th: ICET Training. Bryan will be presenting as part of the "Best of the AAMFT Conference" in an on-line training. (This training is approved by the Kentucky MFT Board for CEUs and includes one hour of Ethics for those needing this for licensure purposes)

We also continue to develop and offer low-cost resources and free products to support organizational leaders, family business owners, and professionals acting as human systems consultants.

Finally, we recently were contacted by the professional from Atlanta that will be at the AAMFT conference and wants to connect. He sent his vitae/resume as an "introduction." We've connected via email and we will be meeting after the institute. Why am I telling you this? Simply to encourage anyone who has an interest that we love to connect and help! He may be the only attendee proactive to reach out and make a connection. I wish others were as bold.

If you want to connect, just contact us here. We are collaborative in nature and we almost always find it to be of mutual benefit even if it is a one-time conversation.

Have a great September!