Our Christian Leadership Conference takes place in three days. Only three days. Wow, that went quickly! From idea in the spring to event in the early fall . . . it has been a whirl-wind of activity. Our first time producing this event, we have had good interest and steady registrations. However we do have room for last few attendees if anyone has procrastinated until now. 

We want to send our thanks to David M. from Colorado who approached us with the original idea and who has partnered with us to get this off the ground. We a;so want to thank our local partners--Heartlands Church--for providing the venue and the support to make this happen.  Also our "Texas angel investor" Leroy B. and also "Anonymous" for making the conference free for college age attendees.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 1.00.45 PM.png

Looking forward to the day . . . being reacquainted with old friends, making new ones, eating a gourmet cinnamon roll, and learning how to help each other become better leaders. Oh, and defusing electronic bombs. It's going to be a good day.

Christian Leadership Conference Page (Information and Registration.)