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As of today, May 23rd, we have 6 spots left for our free training. As a reminder, this training is designed to be a brief tutorial on how we have used games to create trainings for organizations focused on improving teamwork and leadership. These workshops, typically delivered in a 4 or 6 hour format focuses on using game processes to teach real life skills.

For us, this process provides an alternative to another therapy-heavy clinical day , easily replaces, or surpasses, any displaced income, and gives the professional a break from providing healthcare services.

If you are interested in learning if this is something you would like to add to your practice, feel free to reserve a spot while there a some left.

Here is the original announcement . . . with the links to get registered . . . maybe we’ll see you in June!

Providing Team Training: Teamwork through Gaming . . . free training June 23rd!

On Sunday, June 23rd from 3 to 4 pm central time Bryan Miller, Ph.D. will be providing an on-line training on the HSC process of using gaming to train work teams to be effective. This is a training we have done in 4 to 6 hour segments with nonprofits, ecclesiastical bodies, business owners, and governmental departments.

The training is for professionals in the behavioral health field who are interested in providing training to organizations and who would like to find new and innovative ways to deliver good value and work outside of their typical clinical practice.

May 13th Update: We are now opening the training to professionals beyond our subscribers.

Want to know more?

Watch our You Tube trailer.

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Reserve your seat at Gumroad. A $20 fully refundable fee required —to prevent no shows.

Or check out our website where you can Subscribe and get a free eBook.

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