HSC focuses on organization behavior--whether it is among family members in a family firm or in an organization or non-family business. We use our expertise in understanding people and rigorous interviewing and leadership tools and techniques to understand, explain, and refine human systems.

our rigorous, "road-tested" process

The IMPACT Model

1. Initial Contact (No cost, no obligation until the Proposal Stage--Step 3 below)

When you contact us, we focus on identifying what the core issues are. We explore the risks of engaging in a consulting process and the risks of not addressing the issues. We assist in assessing what and who would be most likely to help reach the goals or resolve the issues. If needed, we then move on to an Exploratory Meeting or Preliminary Assessment.

2. Exploratory Meeting (Preliminary Assessment)

At times, there is a need to develop a more thorough, insightful, understanding of the issues you are facing. Gathering the information to know how to help reach your goals may take more than a preliminary phone call. We begin to identify if there other people we need to interview to to fully understand the issues. We explore if there a general urgency and willingness to address the issues and move toward the goals? And, we explore if there is a conceptual agreement among the parties? All this is done to make sure that if the consulting moves forward it has a high probability of success.

3. Proposal

After the Exploratory Meeting and/or Preliminary Assessment, we develop a proposal to guide the consulting process. In the proposal we outline a number of elements to help all parties know the full scope and process we will follow. Included in the proposal are things like:

• Purpose & Engagement

• General goals & specific objectives

• Timeline

• Expected Results & Benefits

• Procedures, Tasks, and Evaluation • Reporting & Deliverables

• Pricing & Contracting

4. Assessment/Organizational Review

Once the proposal is accepted, we begin the formal process of consulting. This often includes a thorough assessment of the issues to answer questions like, "What do we need to know to reach the goals?" This is primarily accomplished through structured interviews and qualitative analysis. Our expertise helps us identify the best way to gather the information, promote cooperation and full-disclosure, and to analyze the data we collect.

5. Create Plan

Once the full assessment process is complete, we share the results of our analysis and develop an action plan that outlines what will be done to reach the goals. We then participate in helping create the processes and activities to meet the goals. This may include executive coaching, leading the implementation of the action plans, training, finding external resources, or other activities.

6. Train & Support

Finally, we work to make sure the goals, once met, continue to be sustainable. We focus on the need to fully implement the plans, what it will take to make the changes sustainable, and what follow-up is needed in the future?

In the end, we aim to leave the team or organization with the tools and skills to carry on without the need for continuous support. To functioning independently and find new competencies within themselves. This is the IMPACT our consulting is designed to make.


Why our work makes a difference:

First we start with professionals that have extensive experience in their core discipline; whether that is management, research, or psychological areas of knowledge. Our common bond is professionals who are pragmatic, solution-oriented, and seek collaborative win-win scenarios to promote human systems growth.

Second, all are associated consultants have had more than twenty years of experience in direct supervision and senior leadership positions. No pure academic "egg-heads" here!  We want professionals who have been in the "trenches," who understand the complex nature of leadership, and who are, well frankly, humble enough to confidently utilize their strengths and learn from their challenges-the very thing we will as our customers to do for the sake of their organizational health.

Third, we find and use the most current and rigorous tools.  Utilizing current research and business literature, the most rigorous methods and tools available we create individualized solutions to fit your specific organization or business.

Finally, we create strong relationships.  Yes, this sounds a little "touchy-feely" but good leaders model the behaviors they want in their employees.  HSC takes a personal interest in making managers and leaders better and their organizations run better. To do this the human element is critical. Can you improve your business in a climate of mistrust? Will unethical or "bottom-line-only" management succeed in the long run?  We don't think so and the lessons to be taught to employees start at the top.


Changes as a result of our Imapct model:

Can you give us some examples of how the model will help our organization?  Sure. In some of our past work, we have helped . . .

  • A manufacturing company dealing with employee satisfaction issues after an industrial accident.
  • A bank workgroup experiencing some distrust and poor engagement.
  • Integrating the services of four behavioral health organizations.
  • A non-profit "at war" over the behavior of an executive leader.
  • A church implementing a new strategic plan and elevating new members into leadership positions.
  • Struggles to integrate new team members into a well-established, high functioning, team.
  • A utility experiencing negative responses to their profit sharing.

Our expertise is leading people. We help identify the issues, plan how to address them, and support leadership as they improve their ability to engage employees and maximize their effectiveness.

Have questions about what might meet your goals?  Contact us here