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October Toast & Jam

Mom's homemade grape jelly!

Mom's homemade grape jelly!

Our monthly "the best article I have found" series "Bread & Jam."  Sharing one or two influential articles you can read while you make toast . . . and, of course, a little Jam--just for fun!


Please recognize that inclusion in the monthly Toast and Jam does NOT mean I agree with the author's opinions! In fact, sometimes it is quite the opposite! I plan to include cogent articles that challenge the reader's  thinking and that, I hope, will get you asking "better questions"about  your own particular situation!

Organizations and Business:

How to manage a toxic employee. Harvard Business Review

When you fix problems with mid-level managers you fix everything. Entrepreneur

The strange relationship between power and loneliness. Harvard Business Review


12 ways to generate leads for your consulting business. Entrepreneur.

The only 2 answers you need to make your next move. Great questions when exploring a consulting job!


Why church leaders will never understand Millennials.

How to get people to respect your leadership.

And Jam: Fun and Curious:

Leadership Styles on TV entrepreneurs can learn from.

Interesting infographic on coffee beans.


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