"Thanksgiving dinner should not be an awkward event just because you are in a family business." Luke Davis.


With foundational training and experience in the human services industry, Bryan started HSC with a special interest in supporting families who own companies. The challenges of ownership, management and family dynamics often give family firms both a competitive advantage and create risks of disruption in interpersonal relationships.

HSC is itself a family-based business. Bryan, HSC's founder (and other consultants as well) have experience working in family-based environments. Coming out of the human services field, Bryan has developed a team of consultant who value and understand the dynamics and unique aspects of families who own and operate business ventures.

Want to know more about our "philosophy?" We offer a free eBook called Family Legacy: Protecting family in family business. We think it will give you a good idea of how we view families who own and manage firms and what they can do to increase the probability of creating a sustainable family business. We want families to "work well together on Mondays and enjoy being together on Saturday night."