A Little History . . .

Yes, we are, in fact, ourselves . . . a family business!

Bryan and Keith  grew up on the campus of a small college in a small midwestern town where their father worked as the "chief operations officer" of the school for much of his 51-year tenure. Everyone in the immediate family worked for the college in some capacity as did a few aunts and uncles, nephews, cousins, and even grandchildren.  Today the family still has family members working at the school and sitting on the Board of Trustees. As they grew up, the brothers got to see "up close and personal" how their Dad dealt with the management challenges of living and working with family--friends and colleagues--in the "fishbowl" of a smallish organization.   

Upon leaving home, the two brother's paths diverged. One, Bryan, followed an academic and leadership path. Training and teaching students about consulting with organizations and family businesses while working as in senior management of non-profit organizations. The other brother, Keith, focused his career on the military, retiring from the Air-force after 21 years of service with the rank of Major.. Both wound up working extensively in leadership positions throughout their careers --leading and managing organizations and teams.

In 1998, Bryan began doing Organizational Behavior consulting. His first work was with a family-owned, international manufacturing company. Bryan and a colleague used focus-group methodology to do an in-depth exploration of the issues identified by employees in a company-wide survey.   Through interviews and focus groups, the consultants engaged employees from all 9 plants and 3 shifts to create action plans for the senior leadership to follow up on and resolve some of the identified issues. We repeated the work again in 2002.

In 2006, Human Systems Consulting was incorporated. Bryan continued to work with organizations and he began to talk with Keith about joining him after retiring his commission which he did in 2010.  Keith has worked with HSC since 2014.


Bryan G. Miller




Organizational Behavioral Consultant

Bryan's business background includes working for more than 20 years in senior management positions (including as Executive Director) in Tennessee, Iowa, and Nebraska—prior to incorporating and running his own business. He has managed operational teams as large as 200 FTEs and $12 million dollars. Bryan has also worked as the Project Director of a multi-year project to streamline and integrate the services of four behavioral health agencies which raised more than $3.5 million to complete the project.

Since 1998, Bryan has been working with organizations and businesses to create solutions for people-related challenges.  Bryan has worked with small local work teams as well as large international firms (annual budget of more than $500 million). Described by one client as an "Anthropological Systemologist," Bryan's deep background in studying human systems (including cybernetics of cybernetics or "systems of systems") and practical experience in leadership positions make him uniquely positioned to help with human systems challenges.


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Keith Miller

Keith Miller.jpg

Organizational Leadership Consultant

Keith experience comes largely from his 21 years as an Air Force officer.  He has experience leading people in a wide variety of environments.  He has worked with groups composed of differing skills and backgrounds including multi-national organizations.  

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