Why we exist

In 1997, a local manufacturing plant had an accident that resulted in the death of an employee.This horrible event brought out the best elements of that family-owned business and, at the same time, highlighted some issues with employee satisfaction. Bryan Miller  was one of two graduate students working  with the companies' employees as part of an Employee Assistance Program provider. The challenges the employees were facing led Bryan and his colleague to propose to the owners a consultation contract designed to improve general employee satisfaction.  HSC utilized ethnographic interviews and focus groups techniques to engage employees across nine plants and three shifts to identify specific problem areas and develop  action plans to help improve the company. Along the way, Bryan and his colleague worked with and was trained by an international consulting organization who was also working with the manufacturing company. Over the four year course of the project many of the recommended fixes identified by the employees were adopted and employee satisfaction improved significantly.

This initial experience led to the creation of Human Systems Consulting and the serving of many organizations and businesses across the midwest.  The consulting work has been broad and often clients have come from many different business sectors.  The common element for HSC remains the people.  HSC understands that organizations and businesses who are the most successful have the best workforces and the most capable leaders.

It has been estimated that the average person will spend more than 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. Organization and business leaders recognize that their people are often the key to their success and challenges. HSC, Inc. takes the confusion out of leading or managing people.