June's Toast and Jam . . . who need butter in the summer . . . keep it light with jam.


In April I started a monthly series to provide "the single best article I have found" in the past month.  The idea is to share one influential article that you can read while you make toast . . . and, of course, add a little Jam.

Here's my third installment.  Enjoy!!  Please recognize that inclusion in the monthly Toast and Jam does NOT mean I agree with the author's opinions! In fact, sometimes it is quite the opposite! I plan to include cogent articles that challenge the current thinking and that, I hope, will get you asking "better questions" yourself.

Organizations and Business:

The future of leadership in 2016.

Getting the most from your remote workforce.


Top trends in I/O Psychology.

Counseling in the work place.


Disruptive church trends in 2016.

Which of the six leadership styles defines you?

And the Jam: Fun and Curious:

Why it's okay to pull the handbrake without pushing the button.

Will a shot make the cat nicer?

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