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VA to give Mental Health care to ALL veterans!



I remember reading, years ago, that 12-18 months post retirement is a "risk period" for men.  Incidents of depression, suicide, and other problems peak during this period as men deal with losing their work identity. Imagine, for those of us who've never faced this, transitioning from "soldier" to "civilian" at the same time.  Well the VA has taken a bold step . . . .

Have you seen this?  The Veterans Administration is now going to give all new veterans one year of mental health care upon completion of their service--regardless of their disability status!

This is a major "sea change" and will require the hiring of 1,000 new mental health professionals to meet this need.   The VA is already seeking qualified candidates and it is possible that this may also raise the opportunity for professionals outside the VA system, in some areas, to provide services as well.

If this is your area of interest or expertise, check it out!


Below is the page announcing this program and seeking qualified candidates.

Here's the link: