Private Practice through Contracting

A path away from insurance dependency. 

Reduce your dependence on insurance!

Tired of limitations on how to help people? Frustrated with the demands of the insurance market--being under-paid and over-worked? Want the freedom of a "fee-for-service" or "private pay" basis in your clinical practice? 

What if you had the freedom to do what is best for your clients--not simply what the insurance company pays for? What if you could provide services that people need but that are not covered by insurance? What if you could meet 20% of your income needs with just one client? What if that client continued to support your practice for 5, 10 or 20 years? What if you could develop a relationship with an organization that would provide a steady source of referrals and income? What if you could spend more time doing the things you like to help others and spend less time doing the things you hate?

Since 1998, Dr. Miller has been doing just that--using contracts to supplement and replace the dependence on insurance for his private practice. 

In Private Practice through Contracting, Dr. Miller gives you the advice and experience that he has learned through contracting with organizations and businesses since. If you are interested in learning more about contracting with organizations, but don't know . . . where to start, how to develop a proposal, or how to price your services--this book will show you how to develop contracts and decrease or eliminate insurance from your practice. You will share in our group journey--supporting innovative therapists to go "beyond the couch" and expand the ways in which people are helped.

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Each year, Dr. Miller accepts 3 professionals into his professional coaching class designed to help mental health professionals develop their first contract within 6-18 months. To learn more, see our Coaching Class page, or check availability in the next class by contacting Bryan.