Shell Beach, NZ: Bryan Miller

Shell Beach, NZ: Bryan Miller

Resources: Helping Professional/Consultants


Free eBook: Private Practice through Contracting: A path away from insurance dependency.

Developing Private EAP Contracts. Dr. Miller's e-book guide to creating private EAP contracts with organizations.

Purchase our comprehensive guide to consulting (312 pages)  Beyond the Couch: Turning your behavioral health degree into cash without losing your soul.  Bryan G. Miller, Ph.D.

Download a Free Chapter of Beyond the Couch, by Bryan  G. Miller, Ph.D.


Other Resources

What should you charge? Here is a link to our Consulting Fee Calculator

Free You Tube Channel with short videos on consulting.

View introductory slides on consulting with organizations.

Dealing with conflict?  Read HSC's paper on dealing with conflict.

Decision Tree: What to do when leaders have problematic behaviors.

Want More?

Training: HSC has on-line training available for helping professionals and consultants. We also can arrange live training by contacting us.

Consulting/Coaching: HSC has been training professionals to do consulting since 2005.  If you are interested in a 30 minute free consult to talk about your needs please contact us.