Photo: Wikipedia

Photo: Wikipedia

I am starting a monthly series to provide "the single best article I have found" in the past month.  The idea is to share one influential article that you can read while you make toast . . . and of course add a little Jam. It's fun to find and share other's work that is insightful (or challenging) and that, I hope, will help you as well..  Please recognize that inclusion in the monthly Toast and Jam does NOT mean I agree with the author's opinions! In fact, sometimes it is quite the opposite! I plan to include cogent articles that challenge the current thinking and that, I hope, will get you asking "better questions" yourself.  I plan on adding one (or more) articles each month in four areas: business, consulting, churches, and Interesting/Fun.

So here's my first offering . . . it's more than one per topic . . . forgive me, I'm just excited about the opportunity to share what I've found!


Josh Bersin, in Forbes, writes a provocative article asking if we should rethink Employee Engagement.

Infographic: Inside the mind of a successful manager.


Is counseling in the work place effective?  The British Journal of Psychiatry weighs in and outlines the arguments for and against the idea.

Infographic: Benefits of an EAP.


Is the seeker-sensitive movement dead? Michael Kelley explores this trend.

Mega Church Infographic.


The final word . . . Beth Skwarecki says It really is okay to swallow your chewing gum.

Thanks for being a part of our world . . . and sharing yours with us!


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